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Our services

Pipeline Generation

  • Extensive networks of Funds, Bankers, and other deal sources across India, Africa, Middle East and ASEAN
  • Deep knowledge of PE processes and IC documentation requirements
  • Analytical rigour and processes

Deal Evaluation

  • Rigorous, evidence driven approach
  • Founder background checks through extensive network of local experts
  • Triangulation through multiple valuation methods is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Portfolio Management

  • Board representation
  • Monthly/ Quarterly monitoring and documentation
  • Portfolio strategic initiatives including KMP hiring & M&A

Exit Strategy

  • Extensive experience in effecting exits in timely fashion
  • Will explore and advise on best path to exit including IPO, secondary exit to other PE or strategic sale
  • Extensive networks in the region allow for deep knowledge of markets and cycles
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